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Unveil a compilation of handpicked luxury interior designs and styles curated to transform your space. Integrate our fine collection of opulent interiors with your space to narrate a story of sophistication, elegance and charm.

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Lighting up a space enlivens the furniture and décor of a room. Our lighting solutions from Swarovski and Schonbek speak of sophistication, luxury and style taking your space to a whole new world.


Elegant furniture never fails to make an impact. Furniture is a big part of interior decoration. We bring you a wide range of diverse furniture from popular brands. You can choose yours depending on the type, size, utility, material, shade, and many other such preferences.

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Revel in the grandeur of premium fabrics produced on complex looms often embellished with handiwork from exclusive luxury sellers. We offer fabric options in an array of elaborate prints, patterns, intricate embroidery and complex designs.

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Whatever be the nature of the outdoors, commercial or residential, extensive or compact, we offer a solution that is customized to suit your sense and sensibility. Our outdoor furniture is unique and adds beauty to your space.

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Carpets are known for establishing an aesthetic comfort to the space they are employed in as they compliment the elements around them to form a coherent interior and design story. Expert specialists celebrated for crafting bespoke, handmade creations make our range of carpets and rugs.

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Invest in a good night’s rest by choosing a mattress that supports durability and comfort. At Drapes and Dreams, technology meets comfort in our range of luxury mattresses. Experience true comfort, smoothness and elegance with our premium mattresses that are dreamily comfortable and built to last.

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Designed by artists and hand finished to perfection, our exclusive range of high-quality luxury wallpapers comes in a gamut of textures and styles to meet the bold, dramatic, elegant and subtle needs of the market. Bring personality to your space with our range of unique designer wallpapers.

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Adding a unique covering for windows which is functional and creates a sense of privacy is a perfect addition to your home. Choose from a wide range of colours and styles to add that unparalled look for your space.

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